Today’s neuroscience medicines often lack precision.

While CNS diseases typically originate in specific cell types or restricted brain regions, most current treatments primarily target receptors distributed ubiquitously throughout the nervous system. This broad activity can lead to undesired and intolerable side effects. We are committed to developing a portfolio of small molecule therapies to deliver potentially more effective, better tolerated, and safer treatments to large and underserved CNS patient populations.

Our RAP technology platform

Our foundational science has uncovered complexities of neuronal receptor biology and enables us to map and target certain neuronal receptor complexes. Neuronal receptors are complex assemblies of proteins, comprising receptor principal subunits and their receptor associated proteins (RAPs), the latter of which play crucial roles in regulating receptor expression and function. We believe that our deep expertise in RAP biology provides an opportunity for us to interrogate previously inaccessible targets and develop CNS drugs that are specific for receptor variants and neuroanatomical regions associated with certain diseases.

Using the two distinct strategies illustrated below, we are developing a portfolio of precision neuroscience product candidates that we believe will transform the treatment of many CNS disorders: